BIMA Awards

Business to Business winner 2016


by Bloomberg for UBS and Starcom Mediavest

Project information

In a world slowly recovering from the biggest global economic crisis in 80 years, UBS had a number of brand challenges. In 2008 the global banking crisis changed the market forever and UBS was hit hard. By 2015, UBS had been through a significant strategic transformation, and confidence and respect was returning to the business. UBS wanted to signal this transformation, showing the world that it had changed.

To achieve this, UBS would have to change perception within their core audience – high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) and ultra-highnet-worth individuals UHNWIs, who have an investible revenue of $1m+ and $5m+, an audience that Bloomberg Media were in a unique position to influence.

Bloomberg helped UBS break free from the clichés of financial services advertising to engage people on a more human and emotional level, using media channels that they preferred and that reflected their actual lives.


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by Bloomberg for UBS and Starcom Mediavest