BIMA Awards

Communications and Content: Craft | Nike Football Pro Genius

by AKQA for Nike Football

Project information

“Football is a game played with your brain”- Johan Cruyff. Nike Football Pro Genius is the world’s first mental training service for footballers – a suite of football-specific, brain training tools and techniques. Six interactive tools fine-tuned different parts of the brain, making the kinds of mental training elite footballers use available to the masses via mobile. 1. Counter Attack (Improve decision making) 2. Priming (Mental warm-up) 3. Visualisation (Mental rehearsal) 4. Cross Anticipation (Read the game better) 5. Rule of Three (Simplify your game) 6. Self-Talk (Boost confidence). Mental training is unappealing to young footballers – the service had to be fun, the experience more akin to video games than training apps. A bespoke visual centre, inspired by the synapses and neurons of the brain and nervous system firing during training and performance, spanned the UI and design for the interactive tools and all promotional assets.