BIMA Awards

Love At First Taste

by MullenLowe London for Knorr

Project information

Flavour is at the heart of everything Knorr does and the brand is passionate about inspiring a new generation of millennial foodie weaned on pop ups, supper clubs, super star chefs and bloggers-turned-cookery-writers. How? By creating new compelling, shareable content that is rooted in people’s personal experiences of flavour and food.

The ‘Love at First Taste’ campaign combines a thought-provoking film with an interactive tool that provides an innovative platform to celebrate our shared pleasure of food and encourage discovery around flavour preferences, all backed by an online global research project.

One of the key findings of Knorr’s research was that we are more likely to be attracted to someone who shares our flavour profile. To test this theory Knorr conducted a social experiment with a twist – pairing complete strangers, based on their love of the same flavours, which was discovered using the Knorr Flavour Profiler.

Directed by filmmaker Tatia Pilieva of Pulse Films, the 3 minute film saw a group of 14 singles paired on their flavour profiles, to see if a shared passion for certain tastes would create chemistry between the couples.