BIMA Awards

Advance Award: Innovation winner

Innovation: Heartsense

by Cambridge Heartwear

Project information

Cambridge Heartwear is a medical device and algorithm start-up that’s based in Cambridge Science Park. A spin out from Cambridge University, Cambridge Heartwear’s key product is Heartsense, a unique system for the monitoring and detection of heart rhythm conditions. Heartsense is composed of a lightweight, durable and waterproof 3-point ECG monitor that’s able to record and transmit ECG data in real time to the Heartsense web platform. The web platform not only presents live rhythm data to clinicians, but also runs state-of-the-art AI software, developed in-house by our team. The AI has the power to identify irregular rhythms, assisting cardiologists in the diagnosis process. Heartsense has the potential to transform the way in which cardiologists approach their work. Ultimately, it’ll save time, money and lives.



by Cambridge Heartwear for Cambridge Heartwear