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Advance Award: Craft winner

Craft: Amplifon Hearing App

by Publicis Sapient for Amplifon

Project information

It takes most people who need them around seven years to get fitted for hearing aids. And if that weren’t enough of a problem, once they have their devices, many don’t use them enough or they choose to stop wearing them altogether, citing a range of issues from poor audio quality to lack of familiarity. The Amplifon app is not only designed to help people feel more comfortable with their devices and get more use out of them, but also to provide essential services that help the patient feel reassured and supported as though they were in the store being advised by medically-trained staff. Our world-first Amplifon Companion app works with some of the major brand Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids. It learns about user needs and behaviour patterns, in order to give support and advice exactly when needed.


Amplifon Hearing App

by Publicis Sapient for Amplifon