BIMA Awards

Video winner

Like a girl

by Holler / Leo Burnett for Always

Project information

Always is positioned around ‘confidence’ based on their superior product performance. At puberty, a girl’s confidence plummets, lowest at her first period. Empowering girls during this critical life stage gave Always a powerful role. Holler and Leo Burnett confronted a female confidence killer; the playground insult, ‘Like a girl,’ looked to challenge its use and redefine it with a new inspiring meaning. They created a social experiment asking adults and young girls to do things ‘like a girl’ spotlighting the cultural issue.

The film challenged prejudice and brought global attention to the #LikeAGirl issue and started a social movement asking girls to share the amazing things they do #LikeAGirl, reclaiming a negative phrase and turning it into a positive affirmation of female accomplishment. The video reached 80million views globally (36% earned); 4.5billion earned impressions and inspired 4.5million pieces of UGC. The hashtag is still used on social media to celebrate female achievement worldwide.


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