BIMA Awards

Media winner

Don’t Stop The Music

by Rocket for Fresh One Productions / Channel 4

Project information

Don’t Stop the Music combined primetime TV with web, social media, a carefully planned sequence of political actions (before/during/after TX) and a complex logistical operation, in order to make a political impact on Music Education in the UK and run a music instrument amnesty. The TV documentaries highlighted the issue – 1/3 of UK kids don’t get the opportunity to learn an instrument at school – and pointed viewers towards the online interactive elements through carefully integrated calls to action. The web was used to identify which schools most needed instruments and match donated instruments to schools.

The website housed a digital petition, with 69K supporters and growing, and was the core of the Instrument Amnesty which generated 7,000 donations, the biggest ever in the UK. Donors could keep track of their instrument through email alerts from initial pledge to final delivery. 150 UK schools received instruments, impacting 10,000 pupils per year.


Adventure Time: Finn & Jake’s Big Adventure

by Waste Creative Ltd

BFI Player 2.0

by Ostmodern for BFI

Don’t Stop The Music

by Rocket for Fresh One Productions / Channel 4

Madeon: Adventure Machine

by Sony Music Digital Creative / We Make Awesome Shit

The New Doctor Lands

by Red Bee Media