BIMA Awards

Brand of the Year winner

Always (P&G)

by Holler & Leo Burnett for P&G

Project information

Always single handedly redefined the use of an age old playground insult around the world. Captured a global audience of over 80 million viewers and inspired action in over 4.5 million men and women. Created a genuine change in the culture of the world with 76% of young women aged 16 to 24 saying they no longer saw “like a girl” as an insult after watching the ad and two out of three men who watched it saying they would think twice before using the phrase as an insult. Sparked debate that received the highest social buzz of all the Superbowl Ads in 2015.

Inspired 59 re-enactment videos from around the world and even inspired 4 young girls to row across the atlantic. Made men and women unashamed to talk to or engage with a feminine care brand on social and digital. Step-changed the feminine hygiene category away from patronising, outdated communications to talk about something that really matters to women and to make a real difference to young girls’ confidence. Bold, brave, game changing.