Louise Smith

Head of Design and Transformation, Personal and Business Banking at Royal Bank of Scotland

Louise is at the heart of preparing Royal Bank of Scotland for the future.

Currently leading and implementing the Bank’s Personal and Business Banking transformation plan, her team is using customer experience and insight to help simplify and differentiate the service and activity Royal Bank delivers to the public.

A member of Royal Bank’s regional Scotland Board, Louise drives the business’ e2e digital design and transformation activity, with a specific interest in areas including Artificial Intelligence, Open Banking and innovative customer propositions.

Chair of the Scottish Financial Enterprise Fintech Steering Committee and appointed as a Government’s Fintech Envoy for Scotland, Louise is recognised at a national and international level and regularly contributes to thought leadership programmes, most recently, The India Fintech Forum in Mumbai and The Times Future Scotland series. She has also been published in The Times and Financial Times.

Listed as a BIMA Hot 100 for digital leadership and previous to joining Royal Bank of Scotland, Louise held senior posts with Barclays, with a  focus on business and digital strategy for the personal and retail sectors.