Guillaume Buat-Menard

CEO, Aqueduct

Guillaume is the CEO of Aqueduct, providing consultancy services and building digital products for leading brands such as Scope, Tottenham Hotspur, Suzuki, Team GB, Lloyd’s of London and Gaydar.

Guillaume has been championing agile ways of working in agencies, co-runs the Agile for Agencies meet-up and is the co-founder ofeasyBacklog.coma free agile backlog management tool. He has developed Aqueduct’s Co-Creation working practices and believes knowledge transfer between client and agencies is the cornerstone of long-term business relationships.

After a stint as a rocket scientist Guillaume has worked in digital marketing for 20 years first as a developer and then leading the technical departments of top London agencies such as Deepend, Proximity and TMW.

During his career, Guillaume has worked with the BBC, Royal Mail, VW, BT, British Red Cross, RNLI, WWF, British Council amongst others. Guillaume re-joined Aqueduct as CTO in 2015 and became CEO in 2017