Dan De Lord

Director of Recruitment for R/GA overseeing London and EMEA

Ever since scrolling one link too far down the Guardian Sports page and mistakenly clicking on a job application, he has been immersed in the talent world.

From external recruitment strategy and executive search originally, he decided to take his approach and focus in-house. While at R/GA he has been responsible for agile team scaling and regional operational planning. His experience spans talent acquisition, process/product implementation, strategic initiatives and business consultancy.

He has advised pre-inception startups through to multi-nationals, helping make those businesses stronger commercially and culturally via talent, and people-led practices and deliveries.

He feels privileged, if still somehow that he’s gatecrashed, to share time and views with these fellow judges, and is excited to have the opportunity to see new and fresh ideas close-up in this ever-changing and inspiring industry.

His two-year old thinks his best talent is pushing a ride-on children’s car around very fast.