BIMA Awards

How to enter

Entering the Awards

What you need to know.

1. Cost of Entry

You don’t need to be a member of BIMA to enter the BIMA Awards. Whether you’re a member, a non-member, a startup or a university student, here’s how to cut the cost of your entries:

Members: You’re entitled to up to two free entries (depending on your business turnover). You can claim them using your unique member code. If you do not have this please email

Non-members: It’s not too late! You can sign up to membership now and receive your free entries. Email Dave on for more information. Your entries also cost less when you make them during the early bird period. And the more entries you make, the more you’ll save with a new price for all additional entries.

Startups: We’ve changed our categories this year to help more startups compete on a level playing field. Membership entitles you to free entry in the Advance Award Startup of the Year category. But this year you can also make as many submissions as you like (in any category) for just £99 per entry.

Students: Student of the Year is back, celebrating the undergraduates and postgraduates making a big impact at the start of their careers. This category is free to enter for BIMA members (you will need a discount code) and just £35 for non-members.

Price guide

Earlybird - Closes 29 March 2019

  • Members – £195 plus VAT*
  • Non Members – £295 plus VAT*

Enter more than one category for just £175 per additional entry.


Full Price - Closes 8 May 2019

  • Members – £250 plus VAT*
  • Non Members – £345 plus VAT*


Enter more than one category for just £175 per additional entry.


There will be a surcharge of 20% for all entries made after the final deadline of 14th May 2019.


* Plus a 1.4% card fee (2.9% for American Express)

2. What you'll need

There is some information we need in order to judge your work.

Judging Info

Your chance to tell the judges why you should win the category you have entered. Include reference to the judging criteria and keep in mind the criteria weighting. We recommend you aim for no more than 750 words.


We ask you to provide a brief blurb (up to 150 words) about your project that (in the event you win a BIMA Award) we will use to publicise your win. Please note that we retain editing rights.


You’ll need to upload up to three good quality (up to 4mb) screenshots or images from the campaign or project. We’ll use them to showcase your work in the event that you win.

Release Date

In most cases, you need to tell us when your work went live. The eligibility period runs from 1 January 2018 for projects that are live and we will also consider work that is still in beta.


We’ll need a link so that the judges can view your work (to remain live until October 2019). You may provide a supplementary link to, for example, a case study video. Please provide any necessary passwords, usernames or download codes.

Team Involved

We’re keen to hear about the team that was involved in creating your entry, whether that be within your organisation or a partner. Please tell us who they are and how they were involved in the project. If you are entering a project that more than one agency worked on, you’ll need agreement in advance about which companies need to be credited. Disputes could jeopardise your win.

3. Eligibility

The BIMA Awards honour the best of British digital from the past year. Work launched and completed since 1 January 2018, which must not have been entered into the BIMA Awards previously – or must have undergone substantial and measurable updates since the last entry. Experimental projects and projects in beta are eligible for entry into the BIMA Awards. Therefore work entered into the BIMA Awards must:

  • Be digital or have a substantial and significant digital component.
  • Be the work of a British agency, office or organisation and/or for the British market.
  • Have been launched, completed, redeveloped or shown substantial, measurable progress during the eligibility period which runs from 1 January 2018.
  • Have in some way moved the game on and demonstrated how the organisation, product, service, idea is at the vanguard of digital. Though not all BIMA Award categories are innovation focused, across the board, trophies will only be given to work which shows an ambition to experiment, learn, stretch into the unknown.