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BIMA Advance Award for Talent winner 2018


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WhiteHat is a tech startup on a mission to create a diverse group of future leaders and build an outstanding alternative to university, founded in 2016. We focus on 3 main areas we think will transform the way that young people access employment, promoting diversity and democratising access to the best careers:

Provide employers with a rubric on which to measure potential – so that they don’t have to hire purely based on experience and academics.

Bring high quality content from around the world into apprenticeships – to build an outstanding alternative to university.
Create a social learning network focusing on broad, generalist skills – allowing young people to build social capital and become future leaders.

Currently a range of these jobs across finance, media, and tech are essentially inaccessible to those without a university degree. There is a distinct lack of diversity in these industries. And employers are struggling with a clear gap emerging between the skills they need and the talent pool they are recruiting. We are building the solution.
Our solution is highly innovative, with smart matching allowing us to secure apprenticeships for young non-graduates from diverse backgrounds. This is being underpinned by the creation of a machine learning algorithm and represented via the digital profiles we produce.

We’re a team of 38 people from a diverse range of backgrounds united by the common goal of transforming how the education and employment system operates for young people.



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