BIMA Awards

Data & Performance Marketing: Impact winner 2018

This Is Belonging 2018 | Karmarama & Accenture

by Karmarama | Accenture Interactive

Project information

Intimidating stereotypes put off many candidates from joining the Army – thinking you have to be a robotic, supermacho, white, male, and everybody else need not apply. We needed to show that’s not the reality, and that there’s no one type of person who can belong in the Army – to stop talent self-selecting out of applications. Across all media, we showed moments of belonging featuring real soldiers defying expectations – shattering stereotypes of who belongs in the Army.

Using data, we tailored our core message of belonging and acceptance to elements of Army life that would matter at 3 of 4 an individual level, from things like ‘travel to ‘skills’ and ‘pay.’ Our campaign proved to potential recruits from every walk of a life that they too could find belonging in the Army, making a direct impact on registrations and applications to join.


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