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Emerging Technology: Innovation winner 2018

TasteFace | AnalogFolk

by AnalogFolk

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“You either love it or hate it.” A phrase that’s been synonymous with Marmite since its creation. This year, Marmite set out to discover the real reason why the sticky stuff has long divided the nation, and attract a younger generation of lovers. 1 of 3 The answer was, surprisingly, science. Based on the findings of ‘The Marmite Gene’ project, it turns out your genetics determine your Marmite-y fate.

This ground-breaking news got people talking about Marmite again, but our challenge was to get families up and down the country actually tasting it. Our solution? TasteFace. An innovative web app that invites people to try Marmite, and uses facial recognition technology to analyse their reaction to it. Combining a sampling experience with a unique scientific test, we were able to encourage further awareness of the campaign and drive mass trial.


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TasteFace | AnalogFolk

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