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BIMA Advance Award for Dynamic Business of the Year winner 2018


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Believing that high quality, game engine driven content is 100% the future, REWIND is concentrating on improving pipelines to maximise the efficiency of real-time content creation and developing tools that will improve the quality. Without great content the immersive industry will stagnate, so whilst REWIND needs to continue to produce outstanding work – to build reputation and grow the business – the knock-on effect is much greater.

70% of REWIND’s clients are based in America, so the plan over the next few years is to expand the San Francisco office to better serve those clients.

As immersive technology is progressing at lightning speed, it makes it hard to 100% predict where REWIND will be in 10 years time – new technology may emerge that totally changes the business! Therefore one of the main goals of the company is to stay flexible and nimble enough to take advantage of the latest developments in hardware and software.



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