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Penguin Books: Video Strategy | CreateFuture

by CreateFuture

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Penguin has been telling stories on paper for over 80 years. It was high time to take the leap into online video. Despite the huge rise in video’s popularity, Penguin’s video content wasn’t delivering results. Their content was author-led, promotional, one-way and one-off. We gave the marketing team a strategy they could act on in weeks, not months, involving the team in collaboratively exploring the problem, defining the approach and generating pilot content ideas and formats.

The result was a set of engagement principles, based-on customer needs and interests, a streamlined production process and a calendar of new content formats to test. Since adopting, Penguin and their production partners have created a wider-range of less formal, more fun and search-driven informative video content that makes the book the answer. And they’ve adopted the Sprint mentality to work within the framework, keeping the calendar topped up with new ideas.


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Penguin Books: Video Strategy | CreateFuture

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