BIMA Awards

Emerging Technology: Small budget winner 2018

Game Chainger | makemepulse

by makemepulse

Project information

UNICEF Game Chaingers is the 1st fundraising project through crypto currencies mining. Simply give some of your computer power and the software will generate crypto funds to help Syrian children through the UNICEF children’s programme. In other words: donate without giving any actual money.UNICEF is having a hard time reaching new audiences, especially younger ones as 72% of donors are 50 years old or older.

The brief was a simple question of reaching a broader audience, with a $10K+ funds objective. So with Game Chaingers, we decided to ask the 711 million PC gamers around the world to mine, when they are not using their computers, for the benefit of the Syrian children Help Program.


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Game Chainger | makemepulse

by makemepulse

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