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Wellbeing & Health winner

The Story of the Tooth

by Hometown for Bupa Dental

Project information

Ever wondered what happens to all those teeth in the tooth fairy tales? In this animated interactive fairytale ‘The Story of the Tooth’ we follow the tale of the Tooth Fairy from under the pillow and beyond.

Parents could create a version featuring their own cute gappy-tooth child. These personalised films could then be shared on Facebook and Twitter. It was a very simple process. You visited a microsite, selected (or took) a picture of your child and filled in their name. That was it. Simple. The fairies did the rest. Magically creating your own fairytale.

The main film racked up nearly a million hits on Youtube within a couple of months. Over 30,000 films were personalised, and these were shared over 160,000 times. It was animated by Inky Mind through Partizan Films.


The Story of the Tooth

by Hometown for Bupa Dental

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