BIMA Awards

Education winner


by DF London / Attention Seekers for Check One Two

Project information

Every year 10, 400+ men die from testicular cancer. But it’s 99% curable if detected early. Check One Two’s vision is to get men to check their testicles, reducing the risk of testicular cancer. They asked DF London and Attention Seekers to create a campaign that would get men to talk about checking their testicles. And at some point actually do it. Previous campaigns had focused too heavily on fear and education, neither of which resonated with the young male audience.

The team set out to create a movement that would appeal to young men aged 16 to 34. With no media budget they needed fans to create the content. The audience had no relationship with the brand, so the team leveraged influencers to build credibility and celebrities to achieve scale. The idea couldn’t be simpler. All you had to do is grab your balls, take a photo and tag #FeelingNuts.



by DF London / Attention Seekers for Check One Two

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