BIMA Awards

Judging Criteria

How your work is judged

Independent and free of influence

Judging process

The BIMA Awards are judged annually by leading figures in the digital industry. 


A judging panel appointed by BIMA and listed on the website shall consider each entry on its merits and on the basis solely of the information and media submitted. Entries shall be considered in accordance with the judging criteria and at the judging panel’s discretion.

Final Judgement

BIMA Judges will shortlist entrants for a final judging phase. Winners in each category will then be selected from the shortlist by the Judges and will be announced by BIMA at the Awards Ceremony on 18 September 2019.

Judging criteria


The application of a new creative idea, which may involve pioneering concepts, techniques or approaches that advance the current ‘state of the art’.



Brilliant execution and attention to detail, with a laser-focus on the target audience and the overall project’s ambitions.


The effect and influence of the project on the intended audience, demonstrated through measurable business outcomes.