Rick Williams

Executive Director, Business Transformation at R/GA

Rick has been at the forefront of corporate digital disruption for over 10yrs, providing solutions and advice for clients across a number of different industry sectors including automotive, retail, sport, home appliances and energy.

Amongst many other successes, he launched Fiat eco:Drive, the first Connected Car product to track your driving and help improve your fuel efficiency. He helped Nike transform their business for the Social Media age, providing organisational change and the ability to manage one-to- one relationships at scale, by introducing them to stealth startup Sprinklr, now a $1billion plus unicorn and he’s been an advisor to startup business Believe.in, a not-for-profit charity platform providing SaaS fund-raising and analytic tools.

More recently, he’s been focused on consumer IoT, Connected Home and FinTech spaces and joined R/GA in April 2014 to lead the charge in Business Transformation and R/GA’s Venture Studio program across EMEA, recently announcing RGA’s IoT Venture Studio UK, it’s first program outside of the US (http://rgaiot.com).