Rick Grundy

CTO at Techdept

Rick started his career as a teenager, developing software for monitoring gas compression trains on oil rigs. This funded his time at university and gave him a taste of entrepreneurship. After qualifying as a chemical process engineer, Rick spent the next few years travelling the world, working in the oil industry.
In 1999 Rick became involved in a complex start up project aiming to relocate a refinery from Alaska to Papua New Guinea. The following years were full of interesting experiences including a stint working alongside Enron Corp.
Throughout his career the internet had played a large part, and he continued to develop his technical skills continuously. It was in 2003 that Rick decided to focus his career on web development and technology, joining forces with Dan Kirby and together we founded Techdept.
Rick leads the technical direction of all projects, and works closely with clients in order to develop their internet and technical strategies.