Karen Boswell

Head of Innovation at Adam&EveDDB

Karen is a change enabler.
She helps brands and organisations evolve their marketing from both a strategic and implementation perspective, weaving together people and ideas to create and maintain cultures of innovation and agility.
With 15 years experience specialising in digital working as part of the wider marketing mix she uses technology as an enabler to keep up with customer demand, shaping transformational strategies that disrupt in the right way but click together seamlessly.
Having instigated a culture of positive disruption and rapid innovation at adamandeveDDB, she currently leads the teams and clients alike to look at things differently; constantly challenging the norm, lifting the bar and breaking the rules. 
She’s there to insure ‘innovation’ isn’t a buzzword, or the jazz hands of technology, but that clever, future proof thinking leads to excellence in both creativity and effectiveness, for today and tomorrow.