Faz Aftab

Online Commercial Director at ITV

Faz Aftab is a one of UK’s leading Video on Demand experts.  She has shaped and delivered Over The Top (OTT) services over the past 15 years and is a VoD native. Faz joined ITV in 2011 to spearhead the distribution of the award-winning ITV Hub.  During that time the service has grown from 1 to almost 30 platforms with 20m registered users, resulting in soaring profits and viewing numbers.

Faz manages ITV’s complex relationships with partners such as Google, Amazon, Apple and Samsung.

She is also ITV’s lead on Freeview Play.

Before joining ITV Faz was the Commercial Director at Move Networks delivering web video streaming for ABC, Fox and the Discovery Channel which streamed 180 million hours of premium video. She sits on The Women’s Network steering committee at ITV and is a working mother of 3 young girls.