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Information you might need before entering the awards

Entry enquires

If you have any queries about the Awards please contact awards(at) If you are not a member of BIMA and are considering joining our network you can contact us.

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Entering the awards

How many projects can I enter?

There is no limit to the number of entries you can make. Entering the same award into more than one category will qualify for a discounted rate.

How do I write a winning submission?

Your submission is where you tell the judges why you should win. In writing your submission you might consider the following tips:

Be concise. Judges have a lot of entries to look through so you need to give them the information they want as quickly as possible. Award-winning submissions are typically 150 to 400 words.

Take the judges on a journey to excite them about your work. Tell them about the brief or business challenge you set out to solve. Share your insight and describe your solution. In other words, what did you create, build or do.

Be specific. For big projects by more than one stakeholder it is especially important to direct the judges towards your specific part in it. Judges mistrust vagueness.

Share the results. We cannot overstate how important it is to tell the judges about the impact of your work and to back this up with metrics. Judges love hard data and they love to see measurable business results.

Keep in mind the judging criteria. The criteria are explained in more detail below, and we recommend giving your submission one final check with these in mind.

How does entry for the Jury Prizes work?

There is a section on the entry form where we ask if you want to be considered for the Jury Prize for Best work on a Smaller Budget.

Budget information must be provided. In some categories £100k may be considered a small budget, in others £5k – entrants are encouraged to use their knowledge of industry norms to self-select. There is no additional fee to enter this award.

To be considered for the Jury Prize for Great Innovation please see the entry form. There is no additional fee to enter.

How does entry for Agency or Brand of the Year work?

There is a section on the entry form where we ask if you want to be considered for Agency or Brand of the Year. If so, you will need to provide up to 1000 words to support this application. There is no additional fee to enter.

What if my project was launched before 2 May 2015?

Most entries into the BIMA Awards need to be new work, launched on or after 2 May 2015. However, we also accept work launched on any date earlier in cases where the brief related to customer retention, advocacy or loyalty and the data submitted to the Awards considers results achieved since 2 May 2015.

We’re interested in how the customer journey plays out in different verticals, and in order to properly assess the final stage (retention/advocacy) we offer applicants a longer period of time to showcase the impact their work has had for their clients or customers.

What if I want to sponsor an award?

Call David Butcher on 020 3538 6607 to find out how to reach & engage the BIMA Awards audience.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

We’re always on hand to help you with any queries you have about the BIMA Awards. Contact us at awards(at) with subject title BIMA Awards and we’ll come back to you as quickly as possible.

Terms & Conditions


The BIMA Awards honour the best British digital marketing or interactive media work in the past year. Therefore work entered into the BIMA Awards must:

  • Be digital or have a substantial and significant digital component.
  • Be the work of a British agency, office or organisation and/or be for the British market.
  • Have been launched, re-developed or shown substantial, measurable progress during the eligibility period which runs from 2 May 2015. The sole exception to this is set out [in the paragraph] below.

Entries into a Sector category that are identified (and judged by BIMA) as having been for the purpose of customer retention are not subject to the above eligibility period. Entrants taking advantage of this exception must include data on the retention or advocacy results achieved in the past year.


In order to validly enter the BIMA Awards, each Entrant must be over the age of 18.


All Entries must be submitted in the English language via the online entry form on the Website, and the Entry must be accompanied by all relevant software if applicable, and appropriate Fee (except for free entries) submitted in accordance with these terms.

Closing dates

Each Entry must be completed in full and received by BIMA on or before the Closing Date together with the Fee. Entries received after the Closing Date may be disqualified in which case they will not be considered by BIMA and the entry Fee will be forfeited. Entries which are not fully functional will be disqualified by BIMA at its sole discretion and any entry Fee shall be forfeited.



In the event that an Entry is inaccurate or incomplete, does not comply with these conditions for entry or is deemed, at the sole discretion of BIMA, ineligible for any other reason, then the relevant Entry will be disqualified and the entry Fee will be forfeited. For the avoidance of doubt the entry Fee is non-refundable.



No Entry will go forward for judging by BIMA unless full payment of the Fee is received before judging commences, as notified on the Website. Further information relating to an Entry shall not be admissible after the Entry is submitted via the online entry form.


Special arrangements

In the event that Entrants wish to make special arrangements for the judges to experience an Entry, for example via an uncommon device, approval must be gained and acceptable arrangements made with the BIMA office prior to the judging of the relevant entry and any associated postage or courier costs are to be borne by the Entrant. For the avoidance of doubt, BIMA Awards judges will not be expected to travel to view any Entry.

Previous entries

Entries which have been entered in a previous BIMA Awards competition and have not been significantly updated, are not eligible for this year’s competition and will be disqualified from this competition. The sole caveat to this clause is any Entry submitted into a Sector category that is identified by the Entrant to be for the purpose of customer retention and determined at BIMA’s sole discretion to be so and that has been subject to iterations or improvements by the Entrant since 10 May 2015.

BIMA has played an integral role by supporting, promoting and developing the very best of the British interactive industry.

Sarah Mackerman, Google
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